Album:2010:05-20 Thessaloniki Greece

Ursi and I went to Greece to teach a small Lindy and Blues workshop.

I went expecting that I'd find the architecture interesting and the city not very exciting. It was exactly the opposite. Lots of concrete block buildings, and a really great lifestyle, laid back and late to everything, with good food and people everywhere. Hallelujah!

The event was Swingalonica.
Our ball on fire? Ahem.
Of which our workshop was a part of. The view from Christina's porch Fantastic.
The fist night,
dancing at Sp!timou, to a really good Gypsy Jazz band (not too fast!)
[photo Grace]
I meet Christina,
one of the school's teachers.
Matthias and Ursi
Christina took me for a ride
on her moped. This is moments before she ran over this poor lady.
Christina plays "Kill The Teacher"
and takes me out into insane Greek traffic on her scooter. [Video]
These are greek ruins.
More brick than I expected.
My tour guide for the day.
And cats.
Not as many as Istanbul, though.
Alx and Maria
magically looking graceful and hysterical at the same time. [photo Grace]
Christos and Stella
[photo Grace]
I dance with Maria,
and a beach toy. Their theme for the party was Tiki or Beach or something, and I am not entirely sure why.
Ursi and I
discover new tools for keeping our frame [photo Grace]
Though mine barely fits
[photo Grace]
Grace (originally from Phoenix,
now Greece) and Maria [photo Grace]
Alx, Maria and Dave
at the party [photo Grace]
Dave picks on a Maria
[photo Grace]
my host, one of the teachers and organizers.
Maria takes control,.. ..time for a slideshow..
..on the history of
(contemporary) Greek Lindy Hop..
Since the weekend we're teaching
is a third birthday party for Lindy Hop in Greece
Slideshow time
[photo Grace]
They sing happy birthday
in every language possible [photo Grace]
Back to dancing
[photo Grace]
Class at the Tango Bar Doing the Blues. Ursi does some Solo Charleston
Teaching blues,
talking about the wrist connection, and making a stupid face.
Party on Sunday(Sat?)
ends up with a Charleston jam to Zoot Suit Riot. That cracks me up. [Video, 90° off]
Dancing in the Lindy Jam
w/ Ursi
And then, wonderfully and inexplicably,
it's time for a cowboy party at a Greek mini dude ranch. [photo Grace]
Where we find the farm cats. And cowboy Ian
from Georgia (country, not state) brings a snake for Eleni
And cowboy Ian
from Georgia (country, not state) brings a snake for Eleni [photo Grace]
A very sturdy horse
[photo Grace]
Lindy Hoppers,
back on the ranch. [photo Grace]
And the head honcho
comes and gives us a talk about thinking like a horse.
I tell them I want to ride fast,
so they give me Molena.
I think they meant it as a joke.
She's very fast and wants to run non-stop, but I have a great time riding her, and they get a kick out of it.
Getting ready to ride out. On the ride,
Ian and I head to the front so we can gallop a few times.
Following Ian riding Larry. Cowboy teachers
We have a grillout. I help cook
[photo Grace]
Maria works on her 'cowgirl' look
[photo Grace]
A perfect day.
A cat and a backrub [photo Grace]
And a swing style hoe-down. Hoe-down!
[photo Grace]
And I capture another cat The nightlife in Greece,
is endless. Alx went to New York once and was disappointed with how much was closed.
After the dance winds down
on Sunday night.
Christina taking a breather. And of course,
then we get food (at Munchies!). Christina, Maria, Eiphnh, and Christos..
..and Alx as well
The next day I hit the beach! Which is beautiful,
ignoring the small jellyfish which stung me a few times.
Eiphnh at the beach Dave and Eiphnh
My name with a bunch of Greek symbols.
I think it talks about a special late night Stealing workshop we did, but they could just be making fun of me in Greek.
Maria makes some table art. And the group starts singing,
back at Munchies for some late night food [Video, 5.2M]
Eiphnh and Christina laughing
at terrible jokes
Eiphnh We go to the Tango Bar
in the middle of the night, as they are closing, and the owner "Panaghiotis"? gives us a free and amazing lesson, talking about the universal rules of Tango, something I've been looking for for years.
Eiphnh and Thodoris dance
[Video, 7.5M]
Back at, of course, Munchies!
Damn good pita chicken veggie sauce sandwich things.
Cleanup crew My last day,
so we of course meet for food. I don't know why Greek people are thinner than Americans.
Michael (the other main teacher/organizer)
and Christina, and the partial remains of the most incredible grilled red peppers I've ever tasted.
Christina and I feed the stray cats.
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