Album:2010:05-14 Stockholm Blues
Ursi watches the class We grab some Thai food
after the first day (organizer Adam in middle)
Chicago is halfway nice
by switching to slow jazz at midnight.
Ursi amuses herself
We have a 'Tea Dance'
after the last class on Sunday
Tea Dance And hit a pub after.
Helena, Gio (host), Adam + his girl (organizer), Ursi and her boy Matthias
This seagull
was just chilling out in his castle.
We were watching the seagulls
when a couple near us started a mating dance. I thought it was amusing and fascinating, so I pulled out my camera to capture it.
The seagulls evidently
were not exhibitionists, because they stopped their flirting. The female seemed angry at us, but not as much as the male who, and I kid you not, flew right at me and slapped me with his wing. True story. Later I had some bird shit on my jacket, don't know if it was the same bird or not. I should probably stay away from that neighborhood for a while, I think he's got a hit out on me.
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