Album:2010:04-30 SloX

The SloX Exchange is pretty fun and easy to get to regardless, but this year was excellent because almost all of the 'guys' were there. Sweet!
The bus begins its venture Snake!
Lying in the middle of the road right near where I camped my bus the first night. I'm guessing he didn't last long, though everyone seemed to be driving around him.
Guy Exhibit A:
Eric the Viking
Freeze contest
at Lindy Games In The Park [photo Andy Lee]
Freeze when the music stops,
they caught me in this and made me hold it for 15 seconds or so.
Rose talked me into it,
good call. [photo Andy Lee]
The freeze games
[photo Alexis Estrada]
Freeze dip!
Rose and I kicked ass,
but eventually got knocked out.
That's right,
we are ninjas. [photo Andy Lee]
Kyle stayed in longer,
proving that youth is powerful [Video, 3.1M]
Guy Exhibit B&C:
The Glen(n)s in their natural habitat.
Caught by surprise
with Mallory and Lauren
They had the water balloon
"protect your follow" game as in past years. Kyle and I stole a bunch of water balloons beforehand and did a full-on attack on Mark. Hee hee! [photo Andy Lee]
Lisa in her natural habitat. I judge the Jack and Jill
[photo Alexis Estrada]
JD at the dance Dancing with Heather,
what a great hair shot! [photo Andy Lee]
And again with the hair
[photo Andy Lee]
So I've decided
that Andy is my photographer if I ever become a hair model. [photo Andy Lee]
Or a scream model
[photo Andy Lee]
JD dances with Justin
[photo Andy Lee]
Brother Yusef
[Video, 6.6M]
Musicians who love their music
kick ass.
Ted and Leah Lisa and Victor Photographer caught by surprise Barbara from Santa Rosa
is a fantastic follow who I see ever year or so.
Oh my god!
I'm at the beach!
I repeat Improv Games at the Beach,
a random happening the prior year that evidently was happily loved.
Doing improv
[photo Glenn Gasner]
Bunny Bunny
[photo Glenn Gasner]
[photo Glenn Gasner]
JD joins
when we play the Toky Toky version [photo Glenn Gasner]
Kumba, Kumba!
[photo Glenn Gasner]
Now that's just awesome
[photo Glenn Gasner]
When caught sleeping.. least you get fed. The beach wrapping up
(with wind-destroyed tent in foreground)
JD and I
go to the springs.
Disco and Thanai (sp???) have a little surprise.
The bus comes to the rescue! Kyle and I rip off
the rest of the front end and do some impromptu chassis straightening with a 4x4
Removed pieces, and a now drivable car.
Guy Exhibits: Mark and Kevin.
House party Sunday night
More disaster!
[photo Glenn Gasner]
One of my inner drive tires
has a blowout [photo Glenn Gasner]
The tire is shredded
[photo Glenn Gasner]
And the steel belting
rips holes in the airbags [photo Glenn Gasner]
Gilroy Mobile mechanic to the rescue
[photo Glenn Gasner]
I pull metal shards
out of the tag axle (perhaps unnecessarily) [photo Glenn Gasner]
The ladies are,
of course, always helpful. [photo Glenn Gasner]
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