Album:2010:04-22 Geneva Visit

I go home for a little visit with the family.
Hemispheres magazine on my flight
makes promises that my weekend in Geneva will be lovely
My dad, brother and I
get a chance to see an private vintage car collection.
Front three cars
(one of one, one of 50, one of 5)
The Thunderbolt
is a (motorized) hardtop convertible, and the biggest two seater I've ever seen.
And amazingly
my wish comes true, and the collection has a Tucker.
Tucker engine
(only 50 made, immortalized in the movie "Tucker")
Rear side And that famous
front headlamp, which rotates with the wheels.
Although to my surprise
that wasn't new, here's an older car with a similar setup.
Those doors are hot. Coach by Larkins,
here in SF.
...which I believe
is now just a tire company.
Collection left Collection right My nephew Parker
has a soccer game.
Parker, being the biggest
(on both teams), often does the throw-ins.
Parker forces the ball
up the line. [Video, 4.1M]
Parker's throw-in
[Video, 1.2M]
Parker takes a shot on goal. Parker takes a big kick
Parker as goalie,
does a goalie kick. [Video, 4M]
Goalie kick
[Video, 1M]
The other team
almost scores but fails. Parker is more worried if he's hurt anyone. [Video, 3.4M]
We go out to Niche,
a fine restaurant in Geneva that manages to totally screw up our menu requests.
Dave beats up on Sophie> The night was in honor of Vera,
so we looked at old 3D stereographs and talked about Vera (my great Aunt, kind of).
Shenanigans on my side
of the table, of course.
My brother, little Stella and me.
The kids are losing focus,
so we play iPhone games (specifically Scramble, which Sophie and I dominate, undefeated)
Chicago has a little Lindy/Blues exchange,
so I go in to dance for a night.
And I get to hear, sing the Blues. And I get to see Valerie once again,
though not all of her. She also manages to spit water all over me. Gee, thanks.
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