Album:2009:11-26 Thanksgiving

Another Ljung Xgiving. This time I brought my buddy Kyle and we went up to Madison on Thursday.
My brother Kyle
comes to the Ljung Xgiving [photo John Allen]
My dad
heads the table [photo John Allen]
I grab Stella's head
and palm it like a basketball [photo John Allen]
We take the Model A
out for a spin [photo John Allen]
This is what I would look like
if I sat around drinking beer and watching football. [photo John Allen]
I plot my brother's demise
to ensure that I get the inheritance [photo John Allen]
I convince my dad
that it's high time we take out the Model A [photo John Allen]
We play slow-motion samurai,
here are the not so slow results
Slow-motion samurai Slow-motion samurai The reason that Kyle came to the midwest.. ..was to actually see UW-Madison
as a possible grad school
The Statesider patio is redecorated Chillin' with Lincoln Everything is, of course, changing. Although amazingly I..old favorite station
(though it's now a linux box)
In the basement (B105?) computer lab.
Lots of Mud code written here.
And the old CAE lab The capital at night. A fucking food court/strip mall,
right in the middle of campus? Christ.
We go hang with my buddy Dave Whaley. Though while waiting in the parking lot,
this woman randomly decides she wants to take a photo with us.
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