Album:2009:11-19 Austin Lindy Exchange
Sunday daytime
[photo Nathan Malone]
Dancing with awesome follow
of forgotten name [photo Jeff Washington]
Kung-fu Blues
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
I discover that clim.. up on the railing..
[photo Jeff Washington] a good way to get attention
(and photos) [photo Jeff Washington]
Dave makes a scene
[photo Shorty George]
Worker jam
[photo Nathan Malone]
My little 2x2 cube,
is practice..[photo Shorty George]
My new 4x4 cube
[photo Shorty George]
..which I come very, very
close to solving. Argh!
Dancing with Ransdell
[Video Shorty George]
Dancing with Amandabispo
[photo Stephen Jennings]
My host Sherry
has some new kittens
..and they fight! Sunday daytime. Unbelievably,... cat meets one of the kittens ..and doesn't try to kill it. I visit Madison posse-member
We dork out with games
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