Album:2009:10-12 Moving-Out
Some of my plants
(now gone)
Disassembling the waterbed
(now gone)
..I find a forgotten Time Capsule
that Haley and I planted when I got the bed. It has a firecracker in it...
..So I shoot of the firecracker.
One of the many piles of junk.. ..that was sold, donated or thrown away ..these piles were for Goodwill Bags of clothes and stuff for Goodwill
The Fulton sign
that some friends found from a closing restaurant. I had it pointing to my kitchen for many years.
Moving furniture for LindyBooty,
I almost walk right into this web and plant this monster on myself. Ugh.
Big fucking spider. Debs notices the poetic Blyers
being discarded on the sidewalk [photo Debs Gardner]
And my car
(and stuff galore) goes into storage.
A final walkthru
of the empty house, one which I have to revisit often to quiet the nightmares I have of leaving things behind in the house. [Video, 39.7M]
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