Album:2009:10-03 Geneva Reunion

I went to my High School 20th Reunion.

I can't say that I was friends with many people in High School. In fact, I can say that I hated the vast majority of people in my school and that the experience blew chunks.

Regardless, I went to my 20th because I had such a fabulous time at my 5th (for real, ask me about it some time), and wanted to see how things had progressed, not to mention that I don't expect we'll have anymore reunions. Thanks to the internet, people can get back in contact with the people they want to talk to, and leave the rejects (i.e., yours truly) out of the picture. That's fine with me.

Only two or three people even knew who I was at my 5th, and I liked it that way. This was not the case at the 20th, where everyone knew who I was, thanks to my omnipresent website and the advent of facebook. This was pretty disconcerting at first, but in the end it became quite interesting. The 5th reunion was a great place to feel justice, but the 20th became a place for forgiveness. I realized that most of these people were just that, human, and I may not have gotten along with them in the day, and perhaps none of them had stopped to protect me, but in the end, it was the minority that spent their time attacking me. So it goes and so it is.

Of course, because of all this I didn't exactly take any photos, though I got to visit my parents (and their cats) for a few days as well.

My parent's cats. Dave attacks the cats.. ..and leaves them mystified Ms. Munch,
friend of my brother is at the reunion.
My brother's new cats
are fantastic
..and they loves each other. Cat lick-strangulation.
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