Album: 08-01 GBGLX

     Album:2009:08-01 GBGLX

After Herrang I go to the Göteborg Exchange
We learn the finer points
of the Swedish language [Video, 22.7M] ( comments)
Kyle tries it out
(for the fail) [Video, 1.8M] ( comments)
[Video, 3.2M]
( comments)
Dave constructs new Swedish phrases
[Video, 8.3M] ( comments)
Kyle dances with D'Arcy
( comments)
We convince D'Arce
to join us for some fun at the amusement park ( comments)
I follow
Kyle and D'Arcy on the roller coaster [Video, 4.7M] ( comments)
Waiting in line
for death ( comments)
Kyle prepares for the plunge
( comments)
Looking down upon the park,
right before the fall. ( comments)
Kyle loses his shit.
( comments)
D'Arcy doesn't even notice
that death is imminent ( comments)
GBGLX hires a bus
to go from evening to late night, which is actually pretty cool. ( comments)
Carl plays for us
( comments)
Hanna the organizer
( comments)
Daytime we dance
at a Gothenburg Dancebana ( comments)
Late night, Carl makes
vegan Swedish waffles. Carl, you are officially my hero. ( comments)
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