Album: 07-31 Nykoping

     Album:2009:07-31 Nykoping

I head down to Nykoping to visit Sara for a day
Sara in front of her
family store ( comments)
They have castles in Europe,..
( comments)
..and evidently they need work.
( comments)
Dave storms the castle walls.
( comments)
The inside of the castle
(post-storming) ( comments)
Huge mass of birds
(freaky Hitchcock-style) ( comments)
The Nykoping Dancebana
was cute and oldsy ( comments)
Nykoping has a very ..floating dock/bridge
( comments)
The view from the dock.
( comments)
Which had many seagulls
( comments)
The most awesome
Nykoping Kiss Tribute Band ever [Video, 4M] ( comments)
A big tower,
for locking up the fair maidens of Nykoping. ( comments)
Dave learns some Ukulele
( comments)
..Specifically "I'm Yours"
by Jason Mraz [Video, 31.4M] ( comments)
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