Album:2009:07-06 Herrang:08-01 GBGLX
We learn the finer points
of the Swedish language [Video, 22.7M]
Kyle tries it out
(for the fail) [Video, 1.8M]
[Video, 3.2M] Dave constructs new Swedish phrases
[Video, 8.3M]
Kyle dances with D'Arcy We convince D'Arce
to join us for some fun at the amusement park
I follow
Kyle and D'Arcy on the roller coaster [Video, 4.7M]
Waiting in line
for death
Kyle prepares for the plunge Looking down upon the park,
right before the fall.
Kyle loses his shit. D'Arcy doesn't even notice
that death is imminent
GBGLX hires a bus
to go from evening to late night, which is actually pretty cool.
Carl plays for us Hanna the organizer Daytime we dance
at a Gothenburg Dancebana
Late night, Carl makes
vegan Swedish waffles. Carl, you are officially my hero.
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