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     Album:2009:07-06 Herrang

My 9th Herräng, and I finally buckle down and buy a "home" in Sweden. It was quite a trip, and interesting to set some roots down of a sort. By my calculations I've spent about a half of a year of my life in Herräng, which is nice.
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Anne gets noogie
[photo George Yi] ( comments)
A morning happy hug
[photo Thai Tran] ( comments)
Dave and George
[photo George Yi] ( comments)
Essa and her Captain
[photo Thai Tran] ( comments)
Calle at Alternative Reception
[photo Thai Tran] ( comments)
Unbelievably, my cat surprises me
by getting ready to go the day before we leave. ( comments)
The DanceBana
( comments)
Kyle and Anne dance
( comments)
..And then something happens.
( comments)
..and it is laughter.
( comments)
My favorite place in Herrang,
the mine ( comments)
Sara decides to join me.
( comments) does a little frog
( comments)
Dave becomes an elven prince
( comments)
I bring Four-Square back to Herrang
( comments)
A nice low volley
[Video] ( comments)
I go for a spike
[Video] ( comments)
Bobby shows us
how he played back in the hood. [Video] ( comments)
..and he's good,
but even he makes mistakes [Video] ( comments)
..and even I can fail
[Video] ( comments)
A nice volley
showing a violation of the 'only own square' rule [Video] ( comments)
Two puppies meet.
( comments)
..And become friends..
( comments)
Much to the happiness
of one of the puppies. ( comments)
Mr. P in the Igloo
( comments)
..where we spend much of our time
( comments)
..and she's quite used to it.
( comments)
But not used to being hugged
to death by Klavdia ( comments)
Back to Four-Square
( comments)
Chester shows us his genius
at the game (none) ( comments)
When the volley goes that high,
somebody is going down [Video] ( comments)
Another great volley
[Video] ( comments)
..And Mark shows his great skills
( comments)
My dream finally comes true,
and I become a "homeowner" in Sweden. ( comments)
Mr. P has a new home
[photo Sara Lindén] ( comments)
Mr. P in the new house
[photo Sara Lindén] ( comments)
Sara visits the new home
[photo Sara Lindén] ( comments)
Preparing the mast
[photo Sara Lindén] ( comments)
I properly claim my new vessel.
( comments)
The inside of my new home,
getting set up ( comments)
My new bedroom
( comments)
Calle has an inspiration,
and open's the first Denny's franchise in Herrang. ( comments)
Working at Denny's!
Kyle needs to work on his bacon prep ( comments)
"Tony" and "Alice"
make up after another argument ( comments)
Lennart is forced
into doing the Macarena. I did not expect to see that. ( comments)
The DanceBana doing the Macarena
during bad music night ( comments)
Lennart being forced into the Macarena
[Video] ( comments)
Zurich Alex had asked
for a photo of this street. ( comments)
After the success of Denny's,
Calle has the genius to open a Hooter's [photo Stu] ( comments)
Hooter's has plenty of
outdoor seating [photo Stu] ( comments)
Jared works the bathtub grill
[photo Stu] ( comments)
The Hooters girls
do a little show [photo Stu] ( comments)
Hooter's girls
do their performance [Video Stu] ( comments)
Hooters also has a Hooters guy,
since we're equal opportunity. [photo Stu] ( comments)
Chester determines
that my cooking is delicious. [photo Stu] ( comments)
A table prepares to order
[photo Stu] ( comments)
Working the kitchen
[photo Stu] ( comments)
The Hooter's girls (and guy)
[photo Stu] ( comments)
Hooters serves up tasty meat
[photo Stu] ( comments)
A tired Agnes
drops by the restaurant ( comments)
The Hooters staff
[photo Stu] ( comments)
I don't remember why I was an angel,
but evidently I am. ( comments)
One of the many Herrang cats.
( comments)
Swedish Agnes agrees
to something very foolish, which I will cash in on someday. ( comments)
We attack Mark
with what looks like a giant turd but is actually part of his costume [photo George Yi] ( comments)
A pirate Captain gets a massage
from one of his wenches, as it should be. ( comments)
..while driving his craft.
( comments)
Lennart, as we all know,
is Superman ( comments)
...and Mark, as we all know,
is evil. ( comments)
...and it takes Kevin to save the day.
( comments)
I was given this "mission"
to accomplish for points. We only got points the first time we accomplished a mission, but the other superhero's didn't need to know that. Best mission ever. ( comments)
One of the evil villian missions,
I presume, ends up making a huge pile out of the bikes. ( comments)
Teardown week,
the tents disappeared. ( comments)
..and most of the trailers gone
(mine is the last one in the back.) ( comments)
The inside of my home,
right before leaving. ( comments)
Walking in the Herrang sun
[photo Sara Lindén] ( comments)
The mascot of Herrang
( comments)
Chilling in Stockholm..
( comments)
After Herrang,
a night at the club Chicago for dancing. ( comments)
And after Chicago,
some die hards walk around Stockholm ( comments)
..and we see the city from up on high.
( comments)
I come back for one night in Stockholm ( comments)
..and hang out with
the lovely Agnes from Poland ( comments)
..who glows in the sun
( comments)
I also manage to rip a tendon
in my ankle. ( comments)
And my whole foot puffs up and bruises.
( comments)
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