Album:2009:07-02 Austin Blues Party
The Fed on Thursday
hits an attendance record!
And Tina is there!
[photo Jessica Shafer]
Michelle and Dexter,
instructor jam [Video, 24.7M]
Dave and Mike,
instructor jam [Video, 31.3M]
Dancing with Mike
[Video, 29.6M]
Outside Kick-Butt Blues
I comfort Nina while Madison and Danny look on. [photo Aurelia Darling]
Make room for the Baby Jesus
[photo Dave Warner]
Stryder leads a massive woosh
in Madison's hair [photo Marsha Mitchell]
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
Grooving with Nina
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
Comfy yummy
with Shannon/Madison
Madison dances with Madison
[photo Nathan Malone]
Instructor Jam w/ Mike
[photo Nathan Malone]
Cheesy ABP flyers
done by the Go Dance studio [photo Nathan Malone]
Tina, who rocks
[photo Nathan Malone]
Dancing w/ Kyle
[photo Shawn Marino]
Mike T. Girl..
[photo Madison Huber] cuddly
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
We celebrate a weekend
that kicked ass. [photo Marsha Mitchell]
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