Album:2009:06-26 Dannys Warehouse

My friend Disco Dan sells surplus electronics gear and other oddities. So he has lots of interesting toys in his warehouse. We went to go play.
Danny shows us the effect
of Sulfur Hexaflouride. [Video, 2.6M]
Jennifer tries and FAILS.
[Video, 8.1M]
Dave replays a moment
from Real Genius. [Video, 5.5M]
You can float a boat
on Sulfur Hexaflouride if you make it stable enough - we only manage to get this tin boat to float for a moment. [Video, 2M]
Danny has part of a CRT scanner,
the massively heavy and smooth ring. It turns out it makes a fun toy.
Dave rides in the CRT scanner
[Video, 11M]
Jennifer gets in the ring. Jennifer tries it out.
[Video, 6.5M]
[Video, 14.4M]
Danny gets ready Danny goes in the
wheel of death
I run Danny fullspeed.
[Video, 20.3M]
On the way home,
we see the bridge shrouded in a huge box of fog.
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