Album:2009:06-10 Justin and Pandemic Blues
Videos of the Unimog adventure
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Hanging out with Justin's cat
Jackson. This was before my Computer Mass-Suicide
Justin let me get behind
the wheel of the Unimog for a bit. We went on a dirt bike trail. Oops.
Me big and strong. Justin has a Unimog
It is a beast of a vehicle.
It can climb anything.
Rocks. We drove it on rocks.
Note that the axle is not concentric! It's gear driven on the wheels. Whack!
All for the sake of more clearance.
I walk up to some deer.
They let me get unbelievably close (about 20-30 feet).
Unfortunately the only camera
I have is my iPhone.
I drove up to Pandemic Blues
with Chris and Rachael [photo Chris Arneson]
I was dragged in to help judge
the J&J, which was actually fun.
The finals for the Jill and Jill Moria, who is me,
and I hung out after Pandemic Blues. I got a tour of FC these days.
It's still beautiful and ugly
at the same time.
We watched the sunrise
from Horsetooth Reservoir
The old skating rink
that Kale and I learned to play roller hockey in was destroyed in the flood Evidently they had finally rebuilt it.
We go to Big City Burrito.
I used to eat here every Wednesday for lunch.
So many hot sauces. A tired Moria
And my new ride home,
courtesy Karen from Denver.
And I meet Madison,
who stole my last name.
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