Album:2009:05-29 Show Me Blues

Show Me Blues was a return of Blues to St. Louis.

Much to my surprise, they didn't have City Museum on the schedule, so I remedied that and became a helper-organizer by organizing a trip to City Museum that rocked the house, baby!

The glorious City Museum
with the soon to be finished rooftop!
Dave and Birdy,
stuck in the caverns. (You know, I actually didn't realize there were cave drawings until I saw this photo!
Swing music at City Museum,
so we know what happens.
Waiting for the new ..tall Slide Of Death.
We show off our bloody wounds Looking down into the depths. Rather dizzying video
of the Slide Of Death [Video, 11M]
Eryn's butt, entering the glovegina
My canonical birth photo. Birdy and loud child
hide by a glowing pool
Birdy the Sumo Wrestler Dancers outside the window
Climbing the planes. Waiting for the big slide
[photo Kelli Sinclair]
Birdy manages to rip her pants
[photo Birdy Murray]
Running up the steep slide
[photo Birdy Murray]
I try to save Eryn d..a failed slide climb
[photo Birdy Murray]
And falling into the ball pit of despair
[photo Birdy Murray]
Running around the skate park
[photo Kelli Sinclair]
Hanging out in the main area
[photo Birdy Murray]
Ice and sugar and blue tongue.
Perfect. [photo Birdy Murray]
Susan from Austin
inadvertantly models for us the perfect woman. A bikini and a vacuum. ;)
Kim Massie gets a jam
[photo Marsha Mitchell]
Show Me *Swing*?
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