Album:2009:05-26 Tampa

In between Frankie95 and Show Me Blues I decided to head over to Tampa to hang with Glenn.
Tampa's Tuesday venue
is gorgeous
Dancing in Tampa
[photo Swingang]
whom I met years ago at LindyGras/SoFlex? was there [photo Swingang]
..and was a tiger
[photo Swingang]
The end of the dance shot,
evidently a tradition [photo Swingang]
Glenn, troublemaker Alex and self
[photo Swingang]
Just as the flash goes,
we both stuck our tongues out, to the surprise of the other. [photo Swingang]
So Alex needed to be punished.
[photo Swingang]
Which were delicious 6000. We head out for tacos. Muscles or rubber bands?
You be the judge!
We get food
and stay up late playing Monopoly. The others are, of course, heavily schooled by the master.
At WalMart it becomes clear,
as always, that I'm in the South.
Glenn, Adrian and I go to Safety Harbor
and take long exposure photos in the dark.
..But I realize eery light source ..and the artist comes out.
..and the artist comes out. Glenn lights us up
by running around us with the phone. You can see his ghost in a few places.
Then I realize I can write with light!
No photoshopping done here.
Dashing Dave Madison!
Chillin' on the pier We make another medieval/fantasy shot And then Adrian decides
to climb on top of me. I can't blame her, really.
This looks like I've been stabbed
with the Slow Speed sign.
Glenn claims to have an alligator
in the lake in his back yard. I think he's exaggerating.
Dancing till the end.
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