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Eden's Photo Shoot
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Frankie's memorial service Spilled out on the street. And ended up at the bandshell Times Square, of course.
Erik is awesome.
This photo is awesome. [photo Erik Underbjerg]
Sweet glory!
[photo Erik Underbjerg]
Yeeha! [photo Erik Underbjerg] I entered the World's Largest Jack & Jill
but forgot my shoes on the way in and showed up too late to get noticed. Oops. [photo Erik Underbjerg]
The late late late night
[photo Glenn Gasner]
Eden is an angel
[photo Glenn Gasner]
And Gwen is awesome too.
These are some of my favorite people. [photo Gwen Phillips]
We become a statue.
[photo Gwen Phillips]
Biggest. Lindy. Ever. [photo Iain Drummond]
Dave and Glen,
bunch a' long hairs. [photo Nicole Farar]
Hangin' w/ Eden And exhausted crowd
grabs some good Thai after the daytime dance. [photo Glen Hinkle]
(kind of) [photo Alena Markins]
I grow a 'stache
[photo Alena Markins]
[photo Alena Markins]
Glenn, Alena, Ondine
We find the greatest
candy store in the world.
In ecstasy They have a whole downstairs
devoted to vintage candy.
Dave and Kyle do the
Gummi Bear Song [Video, 6M]
Big, big event. Peter jams after the dance Late, late night
[Video, 3M]
Late, late night
[Video, 12M]
"Sunny Side Of The Street"
Dancing w/ Gwen, Peter and Jake (Guitar) and the singer from the Cangelosi Cards [Video Will Luong, 19.2M]
"Find somebody with a guitar!"
an "All of Me" steal jam [Video Will Luong, 71.6M]
That bicycle song..
[Video Will Luong, 27.2M]
"It Ain't What You Do"
Shim Sham [Video Will Luong, 28.1M]
Blues Scat
- dancing w/ Eden [Video Will Luong, 76.6M]
Kyle/Dave/Eden steal
[Video Will Luong, 1.8M]
"Dah dah dah.."
Stealing [Video Will Luong, 8.8M]
[Video Will Luong, 27.4M]
[Video, 2M] [Video, 2M] [Video, 2M] [Video, 2M]
[Video, 2M] The late late crew
[photo Alena Markins]
The late late crew
[photo Wing Li]
Elliott is da man.
Getting ready for comps + perfs
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