Album:2009:05-15 SloX

San Luis Obispo had the SLO Exchange. It was quite fun. They have a game day in the park which was like the early Lindy Exchange days, and I've often wished we'd head back to that kind of energy.
[photo Andy Lee]
I was hosting Jodie
from Australia,.. [photo Andy Lee]
and convinced her
to head to SLOX [photo Andy Lee]
This was her jam
for being from far away. [photo Andy Lee]
Caught in steal.
[photo Andy Lee]
Dancing w/ lovely
Opera singer Katelyn [photo Casey Martinez]
My LA doppleganger
was present [photo Andy Lee]
Getting amped
for the Lindy Relay [photo Andy Lee]
Kyle and Danielle take off,
the first leg of Team Sleepy Kitten [photo Andy Lee]
We take off,
with ferocious intensity [photo Rose Connally]
Lindy Relay
[Video, 19.8M]
Shirts changed,
I drag Susan to the next checkpoint [photo Andy Lee]
Which is dunking
for chew toys. Go swine flu! [photo Andy Lee]
Being the last team to go,
means the difficult changing of wet shirts [photo Andy Lee]
Returning to the finish line
and to victory! [photo Andy Lee]
Dacning with my fuzzy pants
[photo Rose Connally]
Two studs on top of the park We saw some people having a mock battle.
[photo Brian]
..And after the Lindy Exchange
daytime event was done, Kyle and I went over and joined their melee. [photo Brian]
Kyle under attack
[photo Brian]
Dave getting his ass..ed by a small child.
(But he had a shield!) [photo Brian]
Fortunately I managed to kill him later.
[photo Brian]
Death is an unfortunate consequence of war
[photo Brian]
Learning to attack
[photo Brian]
I lose an arm!
[photo Brian]
[photo Brian]
It's fun to whack kids with bats!
[photo Brian]
Kyle and I gang up on
one of the fast ones. [photo Brian]
We attack a poor,
defenseless man on the ground. [photo Brian]
And he kills me.
[photo Brian]
Another fight with the fast kid
[photo Brian]
Kyle does battle
[Video, 2.3M]
I show off my battle wounds,
a bleeding eye!
Then it's beach time,
so I lead some large improv games [photo Courtney Von Bergen]
Slow-motion Samurai!
[photo Courtney Von Bergen]
My host, Chelsea L.
[photo Courtney Von Bergen]
Judging the Jack and Jill
got me free admission! Word! [photo Drew Davis]
[photo Spiro Halikas]
Judging work
[photo Andy Lee]
Steve In Training
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