Album:2009:04-15 Seder

We had another bad jew Seder, again on the last day instead of the first day of Passover.


Our seder is the most dangerous ever.
Anna after being injured on the Trampoline of Death (tm)
Now that's seriously reformed
Judaism. A markered Seder plate and an iPhone Hagaddah. (Key from top center: Horseradish, Parsley, (chicken) egg, Charoset (brick mortar), (lamb) shank (as in knife), orange (for the ladies..), and salty tears in the center.
Ben shows off
the completed Seder plate
The crew sits down
for the telling of the story.
Danny reads the iHagaddah.
No, that's not what it's called. I just named it that.
Let my people iGo! Why on this night
do we recline *so freakin' much!*
Tasty meal,
chicken, eggs, potato pancakes, matzoh ball soup, etc..
Munch munch.. And then,
because it's a *dangerous* Seder, it's time to break out the stilts.
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