Album:2009:03-21 BATS Performance

Holy cow.

So, much to my shock, I was invited to be a guest performer with the BATS main company this last weekend in performing a Hitchcock Long-form.

This was my very first performance, and it was with giants of the improv world: Rafe Chase, Kasey Klemm, Zoe Galvez and John Remak.

Quite an honor, for sure. I was only supporting cast, which meant I got to be waiters and drivers and henchmen and the like. I spent more time on stage on Friday, but both days I spent most of my time trying to figure out if I was needed on stage or not - it's an entirely different job than being a main cast member, where you just get to make story decisions and step out and create them.

I can't imagine a better start to performing.

The players! Dave backstage,
looking henchman-ish
Lining up for suggestions Remak is a statue
"He's the one"
[Video, 12.6M]
Happy Birthday
(in improv-Spanish) for the prisoner [Video, 12.1M]
Zoe is "Conchita" I don't remember this scene, actually..
Rafe as an evil midget I am the evil henchm..s mechanic/scientist Demonstrating the tank->car conversion
(and slapping evilness) [Video, 29.6M]
Now a brute
Taking a bow
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