Album:2009:03-12 Houston LindyFest

I went to Houston LindyFest.

It wasn't bad, despite the fact that it was in Houston.

They had an amusing audition process for the Advanced Level - everyone had to sign up as Int/Adv, and then audition for Adv. I wasn't concerned with that as I intended to take the Master's Level which, according to the website was "invitation only". I sent an email to the organizers asking how one got invited, seeing as how I didn't know any of the people running the event, nor did I expect them to know of me. I never got a response.

So I showed up at the event and found out that, sure enough, they were having auditions for the Master's Level as well after the Advanced auditions. So I went to the audition and was surprised to see that the hundreds of dancers there were being evaluated by *one* teacher. Wow. Whether or not he actually watched you dance was the luck of the draw. So I auditioned and, get this, didn't make it into Advanced. Much bemused, I auditioned for Masters and got in. Not surprising, since I've *taught* classes at events with some of the teachers who were at LindyFest, so I think the Master's Level makes sense. So it goes.

Leslie dances with Ryan
after class
and Mallory dances with Dawn Go Mallory!
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