Album:2009:02-09 Shades of Blues

The first ever Shades of Blues in SF.

Haley and I taught the second class. I think it was the Foundations class, looking at the photos 3 years later.

All photos courtesy Eric C. Carter

Mihai teaches the first class Getting ready to teach Talking to Mihai about what was taught The class getting ready
Explaining the concept Haley is a bunny rabbit Probably talking about posture Haley loses her cool
The class practicing Demonstrating Haley grooves Core
Haley is a ballerina Core.
That's what we love.
Talking about weight changing Kyle works the door
Lessa DJs Demo Moving with a silly face Class
Getting ready Haley prepares to bite my shoulder Moving our arms Dancing with Haley
for a demo
Movement Dancing IMG 2476 jpg Happy
Demo Dip Dip Dip
Carrying Haley Almost tango The dance, with a lonely Robert The dance grows
Haley dancing Haley dancing Happy Haley And handsome Dave
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