Album:2009:01-09 Mel Lemur Visits
Nate the Great
makes us some balloon banjos
Duelling Banjos! No!
Duelling Banjos!
I make a balloon animal.
Unfortunately part of it deflates, and I end up with back legs and a tail.
Off we drive. Mel finds a new
"helicopter hat"
We go out to Burma Superstar
with my quasi-coworker Simon
"Silent proliferatio..e overweight people"
Glamour Haley Angry Dave Happy Mel Driving...
..we see a Tesla EV
out on the road!
We head out to the Sutro Baths And pose out on the ruins Dave and Haley,
blues pose
Haley and Mel Haley and Mel Dave and Haley,
blues pose
Haley gives it a little hip
Dave and Haley,
blues pose
Dave and Mel YogaMel YogaMel
Dave is a little bird ..or a Velociraptor Haley and Mel Haley escapes the ruins
Dave and Mel,
precariously perched atop a rock.
Conquering the mountain. HaleyMo! Dave throws Haley in the water
Haley and Mel
in a tunnel.
Sitting out on the rocks... ..and climbing rocks. Haley and Mel
Haley and Mel Dave gets stuck Haley and Mel Haley and Mel..
get married??
Haley and Dave,
blues pose
Haley and Mel We watch the sun set Goodbye sun!
And then we go flying!
We go play in a vertical wind tunnel!
Mel smiles for the camera Mel floats Hi!
The instructor tosses Mel out. Dave flying in the chamber Practicing controlling my vertical Up and down..
Wheee! The instructor sends me out. Mel is shot up and down
the tunnel. [Video, 9M]
Dave learning to fly
(playing with altitude) [Video, 4M]
Flying This is *not* proper form. Mel says Yea! Dave disrobes.
We go to the new Science Museum.
It has a rooftop garden.
Except you can't walk around it.
But they have lemurs! And big catfish.
Davequarium Monster sized Sea Bass. Lemurs Find the lemurs.
There are nine.
This is how lemurs run.
Fantastic. [Video, 2M]
Mel hitches a ride. Teeter-totter bench. HaleyFish and MelFish
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