Album:2008:11-20 Austin Lindy Exchange
The excellent Seth Walker plays The party on Thursday
[photo Yuxi Duan]
Sweaty Dave
[photo Chocolate Jeff]
Megan is awesome
[photo Bruno Avard]
Dancing with Anna
[photo Yuxi Duan]
[photo Bruno Avard]
Dancing with Mallomar
[photo Nathan Malone]
(with too much makeup) [photo Bruno Avard]
lovely Karen
[photo Andy Cheung]
[photo Andy Cheung]
[photo Nathan Malone]
Jam time
with Esly Oh [photo Nathan Malone]
Leslie.. and Mallomar (Mallory)
are kind enough to drive me to some of the dances
Sushi Karaoke Porn. Hard to describe.
We eat sushi, people sing karaoke, reading words on a monitor showing soft porn,.. [Video, 8.6M]
..While the owner
essentially sexually assaults most of the customers.
I'm not sure what was more fascinating.
The lurid behavior, or it's general acceptance amongst the clientele.
Tuesday night at T.C.s,
and I have a string of awesome and sweaty dances with Tina, who rocks.
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