Album:2008:10-14 Gramps-90th Birthday

My gramps just turned 90, and I didn't get to see him during his birthday party (because of Burning Man), so I made a special trip out to spend some time with him. We checked out some museums around town which are actually loaded with Ljung family history, and he wore me out. :-)
An ice boat,
I didn't know these existed, but they do, and they make sense in the world of fun-ness.
Looking at a big motor,
trying to figure out the electrical
Big Ole,
the viking statue, has many memories for me as a kid. He's shrunk a bit, though.
This fish trap
was in a native american exhibit, but had actually come from regular old scandinavian folks. I think it came from my family, but can't quite remember.
An interesting board game
that I want to find the rules for and convince someone to play.
Gramps talking to
some museum folks.
The legendary nailing machine.
We sneak behind the rope and go touch it.
My great-great-grand..her was an inventor,
and patented a few things, including this nailing machine.
And a "saw vise" for sharpening saws. We monkey around with the nailing machine,
to figure out how it works. It was a little damaged, so we needed to fix it first.
Nailing machine, in action.
[Video, 2.2M]
His saw vise patent.
His modified suspension and transmission. Some history. This machine was beautiful,
and now I can't remember what it did exactly, some sort of turbine.
And after a long day,
chilling at the Martinson house.
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