Album:2008:09-11 San Francisco Lindy Exchange

In 2008, Ben had the aspirations to run SFLX, which had floundered since 2003.

Somehow he dragged me into it and I became his co-organizer.

In the end, we had between 500-600 people, making us the biggest Lindy Exchange of the year, and one of the biggest of all time.

And it was awesome fun.

Cianna gets props
at the 9:20 [photo Eric]
Fil Lorenz
on Saturday [photo Adin Van Duyne]
Ben and I
in the Grand Ballroom[photo Cathy Kohatsu]
Fantastic dip
captured by Eric.. [photo Eric]
..Who is at that moment
captured, capturing us. [photo]
Dancing with K.K.
[photo Adin Van Duyne]
Happy and making announcements
[photo Eric]
Dancing with Liz
[photo Darren Holloway]
Dancing with Cianna,
looking like a tiger [photo Darren Holloway]
Leftover Pizza box pile
[photo Iris]
I get promoted to Mic stand for the legendary Elvis/Calle [photo Glenn]
Dave the Mic stand
[photo Alex Estrada]
Calle is a rock and roll star
at LiTP [photo Iris]
Calle is a Rock and Roll star
at LiTP [photo Joleigh Davis]
Seattle happy people
at LiTP [photo Judy Cook]
Chinese food
after LiTP [photo Judy Cook]
Eating Chinese
with Ashley [photo Glenn]
Doing some improv
with my guests [photo Glenn]
[photo Glenn]
More improv
[photo Glenn]
Ben and Dave
working at Sun eve [photo Lasnik]
After Sun eve,
sitting in the bus with my "crew"
Ari, Beth, Ashley, Lessa, Shannon "One Night With You..."
[Video, 45M]
While Calle sings for us Rock and Roll! The late night crew The late night crew
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