Album:2008:09-06 Parents-40th Anniversary
First we go to see
Mike and April's new house
The back entrance.
I think they need to paint it a different color.
Mike and Parker demonstrate showering
in the biggest frickin' bathroom in the world.
The back upper deck
(west wing, level 7b, building 4, 8th dimension)
Parker in his new room.
Parker wants more toys then pieces of wood, but his parent's just don't provide.
I surprise the parents
by hiding in the garage, and then enter the house dressed as Mike. [Video, 17.2M]
Sophie helps
prepare the caviar plates.
The waitstaff meets the patrons
[Video, 77.8M]
A tiny waitress
serves some water. [Video, 8M]
Serving the caviar sampler Parker becomes a temporary waiter Parker asks the patrons
if they need more water.
"I understand you would like
to speak to the head chef?" [Video, 8.9M]
The apertifs menu The kitchen staff has been fired,
the waiter presents the milky menu [Video, 35.4M (cameraman Parker)]
The tartare menu
The sommelier
presents the Ahi Tartare second course
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