Album: 07-26 Barcelona

     Album:2008:07-26 Barcelona
This is a the last row (25)
of my flight to Barcelona, showing seats 25B and 25C (and a lack of 25A) ( comments)
This is my ticket, seat 25A.
Oops! ( comments)
Dancing on the beach
at Barcelona ( comments)
Catalonian friend Laura
( comments)
I rent a scooter,
but the company is out of scooters so they give me a Vespa. Sweet! ( comments)
I cruise up to the hills
and overlook the industrial section of Barcelona. ( comments)
And visit Castle Montjuic.
( comments)
Which is totally sweet
(and my next home) ( comments)
Down a buttress
I wasn't supposed to climb on. ( comments)
And firing a gun..
( comments)
And hiding some more
in one of the micro-towers. ( comments)
The view of the city.
The Sagrada is visible in the background. ( comments)
Convertible buses!
Awesome! ( comments)
I meet up with Laura one evening.
( comments)
She is, coincidentally,
wearing a Vespa jacket that evening, not knowing that I had one (and having never been on one) ( comments)
My awesome host Marta
is a tour guide, and here she buys a ticket so I can skip past the entire line to see Gaudi's Casa Mila / La Pedrera ( comments)
Tour through one of the
amazing apartments [Video, 28.4M] ( comments)
The rooftop is very Seussian
( comments)
Hiding, again, in a small crevice.
( comments)
Overlooking the neighbors' courtyard.
( comments)
The secret no-ticket entrance.
You can go inside and then sneak through this door in the middle back, and then walk up the stairs to the attic. Sneaky. ( comments)
The beautiful old town.
( comments)
A skate park. In the middle of the beach.
With no fences. Made of steel and concrete. Because Europeans are hardcore awesome, and not the lawsuit-happy wussies that Americans are! ( comments)
This beautiful street sculpture...
( comments)
...needed to be climbed.
( comments)
On my way home
I flew through Stockholm and spent one night in this awful hotel. They sign on the hotel said "Ho" ( comments)
Flying with Mr. P
back home, her first flight without drugs! ( comments)
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