Album:2008:07-08 Herrang
I made this video with Bryant Gover,
Haley, Tina, Ursi, Oscar, Byron, Jenny, Trier and Gontran; to hopefully educate people a bit about Blues Dancing. Heh. If you like it, please comment on facebook. [Video, 57.1M]
The theme party was "Happy Old Feet"
to celebrate the older folks in our scene, so we decided to dress up as old as they come.
Haley teaching our Blues Class Amazon Haley
at the beach
We try to take a promo shot
for at the beach, but this is the only one worth saving.
Sticking my tongue
out at Klavdia
Relaxing with my favorite
Eastern European dancers, Violeta and Klavdia
Staying at a hostel in Stockholm
(my first hostel ever, surprisingly!)
We get on a rollercoaster and it sits for a while because of "technical difficulties". I decide this means we are going to die. [Video, 5.6M]
HaleyCam during the drop
on the rollercoaster of doom. [Video, 4.4M]
The rollercoaster photo After riding the rollercoaster,
they decide to close it down to fix it. Scary!
The shooting tower ride [Video, 9.4M] The scary, scary, and scary
haunted house. [Video, 8.6M]
Oh god no!
Not Falling Dishes again! [Video, 11.9M]
After Gronalund,
Haley and I walk around the city.
Bryant and Tina come over
to prep for our Stealing Cass
And Mr. P
decides to attack Ursula
Again, I bring Four Square
to Herrang
Oscar serves
What's Italian for "Four Square?" Graceful! Okay volley [Video, 2.2M] Red card!
[Video, 3.7M]
A decent volley,
though not terribly hardcore [Video, 3.2M]
Haley and Dalia
in the cafe [photo Tobias K]
Slink the cat
lived near Bryant and Oscar's trailer..
And he adopted us for a couple of weeks.
He had an interesting lip/nose deformity.
Map of Herrang Citizens.
Blue for boys, red for girls, and, there's one yellow pin (in SF) for cats. Mr Peterson!
Dancing with ??
(is that Violeta??) [photo Winnie Lee]
Kevin working it
during the awesome "Bad Music Night"
Kevin does an interpretive dance
to Wade In The Water [Video, 2.8M]
I find a Banana Phone cult
in the library, led by Mark, Brien and Tim [Video, 15.3M]
The cult moves upsta..s over the ballroom.
(Now, let me get this straight - when the Herrang Pirate Crew invades the ballroom, that's not okay, but...) [Video, 8M]
Conga Line!
[Video, 11.6M]
Banana Phone Body Passing
[Video, 3.6M]
Banana Phone Moshing!
[Video, 5.3M]
from Germany
The awesome (and tiny) Sonya
from Russia
A very tired Bryant
An even more tired Tim [SEA] Ann [SWE] Ann hung out with me
during the last week.
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