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Jeremy and Karissa rock.

And finally, they decided to combine this rockness in the union of marriage.

And because Jeremy and Karissa have this widespread dance family, they decided to make an exchange out of their wedding, and thus was born the:

Jeremy and Karrissa Lindy Blues Exchange

Friday was up to Neah Bay, on the Northern outskirts of Washington, for the actual wedding and the first dance, then we returned to Seattle for the rest of the Exchange weekend.

It was fun. It was awesome. It was fantastic.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Karissa Lightsmith.

Luke was taking a photo
of Sandralicious, and she wouldn't hold her head still. I helped. [photo Luke]
The Handsome Man Club. Pre-wedding,
on the beach.
The campgrounds had all these swings
except they were a bit low on the ground.
Danger Dave
walks up the beach to the wedding.
Danger Dave goes Wow! The ocean. Another retarded swing.
Caroline is in the wedding party. The bride and her family. Caroline and K.K. Big Joe on the beach
topher, the Maid Of Honor,
gets a little chilly in his kilt.
Sara, in the party as well. Hinkle actually smiles! Gasner does not.
The wedding party.
The groomsmen evidently have swords to keep the bride from getting away.
The peanut gallery observes. topher breaks into song. The wedding approacheth.
We sink into chairs
on the sand.
Cid prepares his big moment. Swept away in the moment,
I lean over to kiss an unsuspecting Hinkle.
Fuzzy Shannon
Bryson and Tina in the crowd. A tale of three Steves ..and a Bryson.
[photo Glenn]
Sara has a sister
that looks just like her. Erie.
Waiting for the wedding.
Rose was sitting right near me and I didn't even notice.
Watching the wedding
[photo Glen Hinkle]
Patrick asks, "Who' married exactly?" Kermit, Haley K. and Glenn
In comes the wedding party. Exchange of vows Exchange of rings The kiss.
Post-wedded bliss. The only wedding I've been to
that had dancing at the ceremony. Hallelujah.
At the reception,
I see the biggest bowl in the world.
I hit up the classiest restaurant
in town, to make sure I have proper nourishment.
More kissing
at the reception.
And the dance. Sean Morse plays the engagement song The craziest tradition ever,
they drop the bouquet on a conga line in Mexican weddings.
Followed by a new wedding tradition, Karissa leads the Hokey Pokey. A peaceful couple
(in their rented wedding vehicle).
Joe requests a glamour shot.
On the way home,
a bunch of the crew stop at a restaurant.
I hitch a ride
in the back of the rental, with the Lightsmiths, Big Joe, Xavier and Nathan.
We stop after a bit to take in the view.. And are joined by other travellers.
Uh oh. One day after the wedding,
and Jeremy and Karissa are already on the rocks.
Jeremy and Karissa. Nathan. joined by Big Joe.
..who then steps on his head. PowerDave ..does a little dance move
(called "Balancing")
Little Dave and Big Joe
(with a little cheating, here's the original)
We take the ferry back to Seattle. I'm King Of The World! Joe tried to re-enact the Titanic move
with an unwilling Jeremy.
A wedding Jam
at the exchange.
Wedding Jam And the daytime picnic. A happy Nathan. Glenn, at home in his element
Hinkle climbs on a Caroline. ..which doesn't last long ..and disaster strikes. Hinkle has trouble getting back up.
We play pattern games in the park,
such as the Sword Game and the "In My World"
Rose TroublePants Sean Morse
sings the classic..
Seattle Girls Like To Fuck
mp3 clip [Video, 23.7M]
Jeremy and Karissa get another jam. K.K. sports her new, married hairdo. ..and then collapses..ppy, exhausted heap. Rose and I hang with
topher and girl Kari
Eating breakfast at a diner,
topher is disappointed to find no hat rack. I point out the low lighting, and a new hat rack is born. And of course we forget the hat there and he has to return to get it.
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