Album:2008:06-06 Down Home Blues Shout

This time Down Home Blues and BluesSHOUT! combined to form Down Home BS.

I had some guests.

Luke arrives. As does the wonderful Karen. We eat at the Jasmine Tea House,.. ..which is tastylicious.
Even Disco Dan shows up.. ..with his current squeeze,
And then..'s Trampoline Time!
With Sara, Danielle and Julie Sara launches off the trampoline. Trampoline Time! Trampoline Time!
Trampoline Time! Julie kicks Danielle
in the stomach, killing her instantly
Sherry attempts a flip. ..As does Julie
..and Danielle ..and Sara Here, Sara actually levitates,
by focusing her intense mind-energy chakras.
I launch into space.
And manage to land some flips. Sara falls out of the sky,
and luckily we have a trampoline waiting.
Sara goes hurtling off sideways. Sherry, grand jete!
Frog time Danielle disappears Haley comes back
from a weekend of folk dancing and catches the last night of Blues
After the last dance,
it's a (non-dairy) milkshake party!
And I make some breakfast too,
Bacon and Migas
Which is enjoyed by the hardcore crew. It's a bacon frenzy! My head explodes in burst of light.
It only hurt a little.
And then it's smoothie time. Romeo joins us. Exhausted and happy
to have good people in the house.
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