Album:2008:05-02 BABBLE

New York held a Blues/Lindy/Bal event called BABBLE (Big Apple Blues Balboa Lindy Exchange), and it was pretty good. It was a fairly local event, but the music was great and there were some good DJs. More fun than one might expect from New Yorkers ;-)

And best of all, the host I was staying with has the Greatest Deck In The World. See photos.

Welcome to NY.
This is the Empire State Building or some other such tall building..
This is the Bal room
late at night..
And this is the Classic Lindy room
late at night..
And this is the Blues room,
full, late at night. Get the picture?
[photo Amy W]
My East Coast clone,
Ryan Blackwell
My clone suits me well.
[photo Amy W]
Amy, my clone's girlfriend,
which means she must have a clone that's my girlfriend, no?
The Saturday daytime dance
is at the Greatest Deck In The World.
The view from the other corner.
This is in the middle of Manhattan, and the whole deck belongs to my host, Rob, even though it's like three times the size of his apartment.
Dancing on Rob's patio
with Shauna H [photo Bill S]
Hangin' with the DJs
(Bill S, Dr. Feelgood and Devona) [photo Bill S]
And here is my host's deck,
from space, courtesy Google Maps. Wow.
This is me,
at the Sunday dance in a church, drinking Holy Red Bull and hangin' with Jesus.
George Gee was playing Sunday,
and George Gee never misses.
Sunday late night,
posing w/ Solomon & crew.
Dancing at the bar
Solomon says something so inspiring,
that a solid plane of white light shoots out of my brain.
We hit a diner
after the Sunday late night. Dr. Feelgood presides over the group.
Vicky finds a balloon
and is happy.
Everyone poses, even the waiter,
except for the anti-social guy in the back, who's too consumed with the menu.
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