Album:2008:04-27 Passover

Since there's a number of us quasi-Jews in the SF Swing Scene, I decided it would be entertaining to hold a Passover Seder for Goyem and Jew and quasi-Jew alike. We held it a at the end of Passover instead of the beginning because it turned out my parents were going to be in SF that weekend. They brought up the seder plate and Hagaddahs we used in my childhood.
Kermit and Haley
working on Potatoes and latkes in the kitchen.
Jewish Scott and Jesus Kathy
working together in the kitchen. The lion and the lamb? ;)
We sit down in preparation,
my mom and pop joining the crew,
And Eric Carter and Justin,
my two oldest friends, also were up (Justin was helping me replace my Triumph transmission that weekend).
On the other side of..or some Seder songs. The Mark Kapner Seder Rap
[Video, 31.9M]
"Let My People Go.."
(with singing like this, no wonder [Video, 19.6M]
"Oh Mary Don't You Weep"
(the Pharoah version) [Video, 29.5M]
"Amazing Grace"
is not exactly a Jewish "Hymn" but Kapner's good on guitar. [Video, 18.4M]
"And why, on this ni.., do we recline...." Justin, proud of his new Jewiness.
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