Album:2008:04-18 Headshot

I decided to audition for the main improv theatre company here in SF. It was an amazing experience, and quite a rush and a jump in terms of my "theatre career" (something that didn't even exist a few weeks ago).

I needed a headshot and resume for the audition, so I scrambled to put one together quickly.

My high school buddy Eric C. came to the rescue with his photography know-how, and these headshots were taken.

As far as the audition is concerned, it went great and I was happy with the results. I learned some fantastic things, and best of all, I was told that I was on the callbacks list, though it turns out I was going to be out of the country. That's okay, I have patience.

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Thoughtful Dave Thoughtful and Sinister Dave Uh oh Dave Lookout Dave
Lookout Dave2 Lookout "Oh!" Hidey Dave My favorite
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