Album:2008:04-11 ATLX

Atlanta Lindy Exchange.

Good times, as always. Not many photos.

How I know I'm in the South.
Note the plastic obscuring the naughty bikini covers.
What a face!
[photo Michelle P]
That's the life.
That's Megan and Christine taking care of my head, and my ATLX PR Agent at my feet, how sweet. [photo Tobias K]
Dancing at the daytime dance..
..with Michelle P,.. .. old school dancer... Which created this awesome photo
[photo A. Annicella]
Glenn and Mike T. Girl
[photo Glenn]
Glen and I enjoy
Jessica, the only Gindele who represented at ATLX. [photo Glenn]
Gang symbols
[photo Glenn]
Gone wrong..
[photo Glenn]
[photo Jason Cartelli]
Disco and his squeeze
[photo Glenn]
Dave is a little worker bee.
[photo Glenn]
@ Ben's house in Atlanta
[photo Glenn]
We eat some tasty food
at Mike's house, and I open my mouth wide like a maniac. [photo Glenn]
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