Album:2008:03-05 Vegan Peppermint Patties
Now we attempt cut and chilled. Chocolate being manually tempered. And a somewhat messy but tasty
hand-dipped peppermint patty. Some are wrapped in foil, like York's, but I call them Dork Peppermint Patties, after Dave's York Patties
A second attempt a few days later
and our first casualty, the pyrex shatters. Lame!
Tempering chocolate This time we use corn syrup which,
while unhappy from a health perspective, makes awesome fondant.
I attempt to cover
the mints first and "shake" to flatten it out later. It doesn't quite work.
Somewhat fixed by
heating up the chocolates with steam. I worry we might have lost some temper though.
Hand painting the chocolate
onto some of the mints, actually isn't as bad as I expected.
The fondant managed to
mostly keep it's temperature, so it somewhat worked.
Tastylicious! A quickee attempt
a few days later, with a new thermometer.
Which looked great,
but wasn't tempered quite right, due to attempting to chill to speed up the process.
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