Album:2008:02-29 Settlers Of Catan

We started playing some games (since dancing nights have closed out here) and we recently had this excellent game of Settlers.

We played a version of the game where all resource payouts were +1 (settlements give two, cities give three). I was blue, and managed to superbuild a bunch of roads and completely lock in my opponents (yes, I needed one more road on the side, but I had the resources available for it long before green). The final set of road segments all appeared in two turns (thanks to loads of wood and clay)

My opponents rather intelligently conceded the game.


You are now in jail. Damn straight that's the longest road.

Two spots kept this from being totally perfect.
  1. On the right side between my cities, red managed to build a road out, forcing me to build a sacrificial road, instead of continuous (though effectively this didn't change the game play). What's sad about it is that I had the resources, but I didn't buy it because I didn't want red to panick about getting blocked in until it was too late.
  2. The bubble of blue roads around the top left (the "mountain pass"), I waited until I was sure I could build through, and green managed to get one road out, forcing me to go all the way around.
Either way my opponents pretty much had no chance after this.
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