Album:2008:02-15 Puerto Vallarta
We're off to Mexico! We see a peacock
just wandering around outside a restaurant (a pet, perhaps?)
Haley plays hide and seek The 2nd divemaster (Alejandro?)
tells us about the death we all face.
I go on two scuba trips,
Los Arcos and then El Morro and Los Anegados
El Morro in the distance. We get closer to El Morro Rather oddly in the middle of nowhere,
a sea lion shows off for us.
We come closer to Anegados
(I think)
And (as on the previous dive),
we get to see a whale on the way home. You can barely see his tale re-entering the water.
Evening activities,
playing games. Here we play Asshole, and Haley gets to hold president for a short term.
The most awesome "Asshole" hand ever.
I go out in about three rounds. Haley as my VP backs me up!
Haley and the Ljung family,
pondering their move.
Haley and I walk around downtown. They have old bridges,.. ..that are evidently..rrifingly dangerous.
Haley looking cuter than Dave. Lindy Hopping the bridge.
[Video, 6M]
We find this amazing rubber tree. Which is clearly quite old.
..and eats my head. Back on the danger bridges Haley almost dies. A really excellent HaleyTree
Which we find up close later. Skipping through the romantic town Dave tries a grand jete ..And Haley shows how it's done
..but Dave still kno..thing about dancing.
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