Album:2008:01-18 SoFlex

Another SoFlex, which rocks.

This year I didn't get to stay with the most incredible SoFlex hosts the Press' household, because they're getting married!

Fortunately it turned out fine, because I was graced with a spot at yet another incredible SoFlex host (they know how to host in South Florida, clearly), the legendary Tyler household, with pool and hot tub, as well as a chef. Hot diggity!

Delta sucks ass.
And they stranded me unnecessarily in Atlanta at this crappy hotel, which didn't even have a pool!
The lines at ATL are phenomenal.
I was trying to get to the back of the line, which was several hundred feet long, to take a photo, but it grew faster than I was walking.
The first class line,
which I managed to use, was only a couple hundred feet.
One of the lovely twins.
Two halves of Marilyn Monroe
= one whole Marilyn Monroe!
Nima the photographer. The outdoor dance
became a nice place to hang out.
And Glen decided to make an appearance.
And holy cow,
the other Glenn came out of hiding as well!
..and here,
the Glen(n)s make sweet, sweet love.
..or at least with some Canadian help Michelle and Glen,
party on!
I'm definitely in the South
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