Album:2008:01-04 Seattle Waids

topher held a workshop in Seattle, and I wanted to head up there after intentionally missing Emerald City Blues, so I went up for the weekend and then hung out till Tuesday to teach at their weekly venue at Waid's.
Every day in Seattle,
is a day eating at Hillside Quickies, the juiciest, deliciousiest vegan cafe in the world.
With delicious vegan water! Sara shows us how to blow
up a mattress.
With assistance.
Sara and Karen and I
take the ferry.
Sara gives us the tour. Karen is chilled by her new city. And reasonably so,
as some snow starts to fall later in the week.
Back to Hillside Quickies! A slightly different interpretation. And I teach at Waid's
on Tuesday, and prove that iPhones make for terrible low-light cameras
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