Album:2007:12-20 Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

We get some chocolate molds and try our hand at making vegan peanut butter cups, and we learn about the importance and difficulty of chocolate tempering.
Haley shows off some finished cups
next to some prepared for filling.
Melting the chocolate Dave fills cups
with peanut butter goop.
Cups with peanuty goodness.
Quite messy. We were still learning how to use the forms.
The finished cups.
We didn't know about tempering yet, although they look pretty good!
Taste testing is especially important. We try again at Haley's mom's We did peanut butter again
As well as our famous
vegan caramel.
This time we properly tempered
the chocolate, which made a huge difference.
The main ingredient of our vegan caramel..
No no no..
Dave masterfully loads the caramel.
With which we made wheat-free, vegan Twix! A batch of yumminess! Which soon disappeared.
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