Album:2007:12-07 Mel Visits

The most awesome of Colorado Lemurs, our good friend Mel visited us for a week.
Mel is a lemur. First we took Mel and Jon..
[image LRC] Friday Night Blues
[image LRC]
Dancing with Mel
[image LRC]
Then we took them
to SF local hidden gem, Swan's Oyster Depot
Which was delicious. And it was joyous. Then we travelled to
the only worth SF tourist trap, Alcatraz.
On the boat. Haley in the sun. Mel and Haley on the boat. We took one of the tours,
which was actually quite good.
And the guide led us somewhere
I haven't been before on Alcatraz, which is surprising, since I've seen most of it.
Mel gets into trouble. Walking along the path,
more or less.
Dave ponders
the terrifying reality of incarceration
Haley stands guard at a cell The alcatraz crew
prepares to return to the mainland.
And off to ridiculous Chinatown!
(for some tasty bubble tea)
Then I take Mel and Jon on scooters
to check out the Haight.
And we terrorize the citizens. Mel and Jon
head back to Chinatown, we weren't with them, but this is a great photo.
The reason we were l..y enough to see Mel,
Jon had a presentation on astro stuff.
Then I take Mel
to the Japanese Tea Garden
And we get tea! And tattoos
(thanks to Japanese bubble gum)
And we find buddha. And hide in the bamboo
Then to Stow Lake. To attack the waterfall! Then Mel and I
went to Muir Woods.
And found Mel
hiding in a tree.
So we ran through the forest
at a blinding 200 mph.
It was a dangerous hike.
No strollers allowed.
A tree was in our path,
so I knocked it over.
And we got lost..
And we ran out of food... But Mel found the tree
that gave birth to her.
And it showed us the way out.
Look! The ocean! And the corner of San Francisco!
We then found Muir Beach,
and decided to swim home.
But strange beach animals
warned us of the dangerous currents.
Mel prepares herself for a watery death. But we walk back to the car instead. Mel in the sun.
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