Album:2007:11-16 Austin Lindy Exchange
Going to Joy's party,
I am accosted by a number of deer
Evil deer,
waiting to pounce.
Sutton demonstrates
the viability of Joy's mini-bed. Joy says it's used for "other purposes"
House of Joy shirt,
[back] The delightful Karen and KK Dancing w/ Tina,
who is awesome, though I look out of it. [photo Nathan Malone]
KK and Jeremy
decide to do some ridiculous vintage "floorcraft"
Sutton is happy
to help
Ride 'em! And Jeremy decides to make it a threesome ..which is always dangerous.
The end result
[Video, 15M]
Dancing with French/Spanish Natalie We go to the infamous
Kerby Lane for what turns out to be some awful Migas. A surprise, since I usually love their Migas.
Joy asks people
to pose in various emotional states. I believe I am told to look sexy. Perhaps I failed. You be the judge.
Commander of all that I see. Much ridiculous discussion ensues. ALX has a scavenger hunt.
I enter, seeing as how I pretty much win every scavenger hunt I do.
Mission: Find an old "composite"
from a frat. We decide that frats have stolen enough from society, so Jame (my teammate), in turn, "borrows" this one.
Stealth returning of the composite. Mission: Take a photo
of a UT building that gives props to ALX.
..Thank goodness I have my laptop.
We put the photo on the computer and use gimp to simulate chalk drawing up on the tower, and put it back on the camera. No-one's the wiser.
Party Matt
tallying the results. One of the missions was to present the I.D for the youngest person. We found a *13*-year old, but he refused it because the ID didn't show the age. That wasn't in the rules. Suck. The $1 on the table is my bribe for him to reconsider what I think was his faulty judging. He didn't. But he kept the dollar. Hey!
Team Player, of course, won.
Team Player always wins. This time it was Sutton and Jame [Chi]. I'm holding the penny from the mission to get the oldest penny. Ours was 1909. The other teams didn't check google maps to find the coin dealer 6 blocks away. $1.35 for the first year Lincoln was on the penny!
Celebrating victory
with our $50 certificate. Ironically, because of all the drinks (which I didn't have), the $50 disappeared and I had to pay for my meal. It's still good to be number one. [photo Nathan Malone]
As if the winningness
hadn't happened enough, I manage to weasel extra tickets for the "Casino Night," and sure enough, I win again and get a silly Rubiks game. Matt had wanted it, so I gave it to him. Plus the dollar bribe and a free dinner. Wait a second - I'm beginning to think that Matt was the winner... Fortunately he put on a kick-ass exchange.
Driving home
after the last dance, and I drive past a park that is LOADED with squawking birds. Weird. You can hear the million squawks on this video. [Video, 6.4M]
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