Album:2007:11-12 Suzanne-Vega

Saw Suzanne Vega playing at the Fillmore, and captured a few videos.
Tom's Diner
[Video, 11M]
Tom's Diner
"Dah dah dah da dah dah dah da.." [Video, 6.3M]
Marlena On The Wall
[Video, 17.8M]
Suzanne talks about Summer Camp love
and plays "Gypsy" [mp3] [Video, 145.8M]
[Video, 27.5M]
[Video, 45.3M]
Tom's Diner
techno mix live[Video, 26M]
The Queen and the Soldier
the best Vega song of all. [mp3] [Video, 157.5M]
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