Album:2007:11-10 Billy-Joel-Concert

Holy cow.

First time I saw Billy Joel was during the Bridge Concert (1986).

This time I saw an amazing deal on a pair of third row tickets and decided to splurge for my quasi-birthday.

After a few songs, some of people in the front row went up to the stage, and Haley and I (on the end of the third row), jumped up there and spent the rest of the concert about 10 feet from the man and the piano.

Amazing concert. I shook the man's hand, I got the guitar player's guitar pick (and managed to lose it somewhere after) and basically had an amazing blast. Bam.

from closer than before, but still far away..
Root Beer Rag
[Video, 810k]
Good photo of Billy,
after I get to move up to the stage.
Keepin' The Faith
(14s) [Video, 983k]
Keepin' The Faith
(20s) [Video, 1.3M]
River Of Dreams
(14s) [Video, 947k]
River Of Dreams
(Band) (20s) [Video, 1.3M]
River Of Dreams
(II) (13s) [Video, 877k]
Billy on Piano,
from third row
Highway To Hell
[Video, 805k]
Highway To Hell
(guitar!) (20s) [Video, 1.3M] (scratchy sound)
Highway To Hell
(Finale) [Video, 1.6M] (scratchy sound)
We Didn't Start The Fire
(Intro) (19s) [Video, 1.2M]
Big Shot
(Posin') [Video, 677k]
Big Shot
(Mike ham) (29s) [Video, 1.8M]
Big Shot
(End) (1m02s) [Video, 4M] (Good vid, but scratchy sound)
The first rows I got to bring Haley with me. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
(15s) [Video, 1M]
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
(1m03s) [Video, 4.1M] (Bad vid till 45s)
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
(End) (45s)[Video, 2.9M]
Someone throws a bra
onstage, and Billy is amused. [Video, 2.2M]
Only The Good Die Young
(Mark Rivera) (27s) [Video, 1.7M]
Only The Good Die Young
(Mark Rivera + Band) (1m31s) [Video, 5.9M]
Audience trains Billy
to go to the piano (51s) [Video, 3.3M]
Piano Man
(2m31s) (Rotating Piano) [Video, 9.7M] (Bad vid, but 1m30s always gives me chills)
Glowing Billy Horn Section
Guitar On microphone
(during Big Shot?)
Billy's piano rotates around. Billy on Guitar
Guitarist Dave and Haley
up at the stage
Happy Dave
leaving the concert
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