Album: 10-27 'WeenieBooty

     Album:2007:10-27 'WeenieBooty

It had been a long time.
Three years, almost, but LindyBooty can't be held down forever.

It's kind of hard to follow up BootyCall though, so we needed some time off. We went back to our original, one day big party format, and brought in Big Bones who we discovered while searching for bands for Blues Rising

Tin Pan Alley (clip) by Big Bones at 'WeenieBooty

Setting up for the party,
the house gets emptied. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
Haley and DaveOgre
prepare for the party ( comments)
that's a Haleyosaurus ( comments)
We had Big Bones
from Blues Rising playing at the house. ( comments)
The front of the house
( comments)
We had a costume contest
[photo Patrick] ( comments)
The award for most costume goes to..
[photo Patrick] ( comments)
Eric as Eric
from the crow, Evan as The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Kent in his work clothes. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
Shannon [VA]
dressed as a pirate, didn't realize that she was in the Pirate Captain's domain. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
Haley helps judge
with the patented tailPointer [photo Patrick] ( comments)
And the only diety
in the room wins. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
Evan as "Flying Spaghetti Monster"
gets a winner's jam ( comments)
Haley in the jam
[photo Patrick] ( comments)
Disco Dan
brought his laser setup and we had a laser show running on the ceiling. ( comments)
Downstairs bedroom
became a lounge ( comments)
And we turned on fog machines
upstairs, for sheer amusement. ( comments)
We then had an "UnCostume Contest"
( comments)
..Open to interpretation
by contestants. ( comments)
Instigated by
the brave Eric from L.A. ( comments)
Kermit the Tiger
spent most of his time trying to remove safety pins, which didn't help his judged score. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
Superhero cape
as a cleaning device.. ( comments)
..always a crowd pleaser.
( comments)
And the winners
(Eric and Super Q.) get Jammed ( comments)
Iain as the mad scientist..
or my seventh grade Chemistry teacher, Mr Cooper. [photo LA Eric] ( comments)
The foosball table
was moved to the kitchen and saw some action. [photo Patrick] ( comments)
As did Danny.
[photo Patrick] ( comments)
[photo LA Eric] ( comments)
Dancing with Anne V.
in Ogreboots [photo LA Eric] ( comments)
Mosa shows us..
( comments)
..what the dance pole is for.
( comments)
The hood chillin'
as the party is winding down. ( comments)
A tired DaveOgre,
with his monsterfeet (tm) ( comments)
Even a diety
needs a little action. ( comments)
Speaking of action,
look what Haley finds for the lost and found. ( comments)
And my cleanup crew
(Evan here) help put my house back together. ( comments)
And Amoebae guards her new pumpkin.
( comments)
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