Album:2007:10-12 Knoxville-Lindy-Exchange

After a couple years of mixups and impossibilities, I finally make it out to the Knoxville Lindy Exchange. It was superfriendly Southern style, and again reaffirms my new love affair with the East Coast dance scene.
Dancing with Mike
always kicks ass [photo Jon]
Damn... I can't remember names.. [photo Jon]
I think
this is me dancing. I think. [photo Jon]
And then a pig roast
at Jewel's house, Southern style.
Speaking of Southern Style,
Luke and Karis
This doesn't look
like Mike at all.
Again, dancing with Mike
[photo Jon]
Mike the Girl
[photo Jon]
Next time I think.. ..the organizers
will watch the shoe policy a little better.
Linsday Lou,
hard at work.
Megan, Mike and Amy,..
..did an awesome performance
as the Hoodoo Ladies (sadly out of focus)
I finally get to see Megan's house Poor little Mike,
starving in the corner.
Amy contemplates a marble
as one of the coolest things ever, and no, she's not high.
Blast from the past,
Jonas from Herrang'02
Megan having a grand ol' time Lindsay Lou Late night on Sunday
Was in a beautiful small dance studio,
previously a church.
Megan and ?? Mike and Javi Wooosh..
Tina looking busy.. ..but it's a lie! Megan rocking out Javi and Tiela
And then it's over.
Jon, Tina, Mike, Heather and Dan
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