Album:2007:10-07 Decompression

I went to decompression again. It was nice to hang out with some of my Burning Man people, but decompression is always a little bit depressing for me. It sure ain't Burning Man. Relative to block parties, though, it's pretty amazing
Howard, Michelle, He.. Iain and Polar Bear Ogre kiss Bear! Lost penguins.
Get it?
There was this awesome
walking vehicle thing.
With a differential
cleverly powering the walking gears.
Brett brought "Hydrogen Economy" Which lets you
blow up bubbles with a mix of hydrogen and oxygen.
of her own bubbles.
Air suit fat man.
Pretty funny, if corny.
And I saw the Zoopy Show,
who I had found online. Strange band.
Fur coat. We went back,
and the bird vehicle thing was alive.
And amazingly articulated.
Very, very cool.
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