Album:2007:07-13 Herräng

Went to Herräng again. Sadly most of the regulars were missing, and the music was bad this year. Hopefully it'll get better next year. Not every year can be perfect. The Herräng Pirate Crew took a new direction and ventured into the film business.
Week 3
at Herräng
1 folder , 45 images
Week 4
at Herräng
26 images
Week 5
at Herräng
60 images
Pirate Photo Shoot
Camp photographer Jeremy does a photo shoot of the Pirates in his studio, we decide to do our own down by the lake.
28 images
Ondine takes some photos
of beautiful Haley
36 images
for a week after Herräng
61 images
The 25th Anniversary Photo
another 'Great Day In Lindy' of sorts (see 2004/Basie)
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